Saturday, April 22, 2006

See the South Park Scientology Episode

It's here, courtesy of Operation Clambake.

It's so fun to see a rich idiot like Tom Cruise getting the scalding ridicule he so RICHLY deserves. He's nothing more than a pathetic sucker, a mark, and a gullible fool trying to suck other gullible fools into the utter fraud that is the "Church" of Scientology. Enjoy!

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Lance said...

I'm honestly indifferent to Tom Cruise as he relates to his religion. I mean, heck, the poor dude fell for it. I'm just grateful that such a scathing treatment was given to Scientology. I get hit with the "free" stress tests and postcard invites every day in Times Square. I like those smiley charlatans a lot more than the other ones like the raging, scary-as-hell Muslim Nation crusaders and the jackass Christian fundamentalists.

Loved him in Risky Business.

Coincidentally, I'm working on a project at work related to Mission Impossible 3, and everything I do ultimately has to be approved by "TC," as they call him.