Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Wonderfully Vicious Commentary on Limbaugh

I found this wonderfully brutal essay on Rush (ironic name, don't you think?) Limbaugh's recent legal difficulties by Davis Sweet. It has a delightfully contemptuous tone to it. My fave section:

Do I, like many of my leftie friends, gloat over Trenchmouth's legal woes? A little, sure. But, being a liberal, I have to feel for the guy, too. Just because he's made a career of cruelty and bad education doesn't mean he's a heartless fool. Probably. Though there's no way for a listener to discern humanity in the Talent on Loan from God, the drug thing proves that there's at least a nervous system in there somewhere.

And that nervous system, despite being weighed down by a brain that revels in "self abuse," as he told an e-girlfriend years ago, expresses pain. Screaming buttloads of pain, apparently, given the number of pills he was hoarding. That or he was planning to host the Bush family for the weekend.

Which brings us to Florida (shudder), and the legal system there (for sale). If you're wealthy enough or dressed like a cartoon, you can always beat the law in Florida. In fact, the law itself in Florida is specifically skewed to favor the wealthy and mice, "protecting" wealthy people from having to pay judgments, even in famous, not-even-remotely-racially-charged-no-matter-what-certain-people-say wrongful death suits. Every felon or potential felon in The Sunshine State should change their name to "O.J. Limbaugh Bush," guaranteeing themselves years of unhindered lawlessness.
Har! Great stuff. Go check it out!

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