Sunday, November 06, 2005

Torture Man Cheney and the (Mis)Uses of Intelligence

Kevin Drum beats all over Dick "The Torturer" Cheney in this post from Washington Monthly. Drum points out (as many others have) that not only is torture morally wrong, it isn't even a good way of getting information. The recent exposure of fraudulent information given to the United States by an al-Qaeda informant who was subjected to "physical coercion" is case in point on this. But for me, the money quote was this:

If conservatives dislike Dick Durbin's comparison of American practices to those of Hitler and Stalin, they should make clear to Dick Cheney that America doesn't condone the practices of Hitler and Stalin. Because apparently, the vice president of the United States does condone them. Vigorously. It's enough to make any decent human being puke.

Well said, Kevin. Well said.

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