Sunday, November 06, 2005

Democrats--the People Are Moving Toward You

So says the ABC poll, which gives the Democrats a huge lead in the generic Congressional ballot and an astonishing lead in nine out of ten "issue" categories. In the tenth, fighting terrorism, the Democrats run even. In other words, the Republicans hold the advantage on nothing whatsoever.

How to exploit this advantage? This passage lays out the challenge--and the opportunity:

With incumbent re-election rates usually over 90 percent, it takes a nationalized congressional election — with a differentiated, unifying theme and anti-incumbent sentiment — to create real change. The template is the Republicans' realigning election of 1994, when they gained 52 House seats and the control they still enjoy today.

Yes! Nationalize the 2006 Elections. Make them a referendum on Bush, Cheney, and the entire rat-bastard Republican Party. Find a unified message and pound it relentlessly.

Democrats, grow a spine. Fight Alito. Fight the new round of tax cuts for the wealthy. Continue to demand answers about what went wrong in Iraq. Flush Cheney out of hiding and make him answer questions in public. The majority of Americans are waiting for you to take a stand--DO IT!

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