Saturday, November 26, 2005

Bush Even Lies About His Lies

Rev. Andrew Greeley lays it out straight: Bush and Cheney not only lied through their teeth about the reasons for the Iraq War, they have lied about their previous deceptions. The key paragraph:

Is the administration lying about its lies? That many of the arguments in favor of the war were false is beyond question. Nor can there be any serious doubt that the new argument that it is irresponsible to question the old arguments is also false. But if a lie is a conscious effort to deceive, then the charge that the president and the men around him deliberately lied and are now lying again, then that issue must be left to heaven. It is enough to say they spread falsehoods three years because they had made up their minds that there had to be a war and are now spreading falsehoods about the original falsehoods. The president is not a man who likes to admit he was wrong. Therefore, one must cover up the mistakes.

How can America survive in the hands of people so morally bankrupt and dishonest?

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