Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Return of the Poll Tax

Ah, those wonderful conservative Republicans. Such nostalgia for the past. I guess that's why they're going to start charging poor voters in Georgia (those without a car)a fee to vote. For real. Of course, the vast majority of those hit by the fee will be indigent black Democrats. The objective is plain: suppress the black (and Democratic) vote.

The Georgia Republican Party: Keeping the Spirit of the Klan Alive in the 21st Century.

(See also this larger story in Kos that I found originally)

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Anja Maria said...

That's horrible.

Citizens who swear they are indigent are exempt from the fee. But since the law does not define who is indigent, many people may be reluctant to swear and risk a criminal penalty.

Then they have the nerve to include that - it sounds like a conciliation, it preserves the party's image, and yet it does almost nothing to actually help them.