Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Alito: Enemy of Workers Rights

One every single issue Judge Samuel Alito has ruled against the interests of working Americans. He has consistently sided with Big Business, however unjust its practices are. In fact, many are saying Alito's atrocious record on workers' rights should be the centerpiece of the effort to defeat him. Example:

Alito on the Supreme Court will be a consistent vote against workers rights. That is a clear message if you look over his history on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. What is striking about Alito is that he is so hostile even to the basic right of workers to have a day in court, much less interpreting the law in their favor.

[In a number of cases]Alito dissented from a majority decision of the Third Circuit, cases where his views were more conservative than the overall panel. They cover minimum wage, discrimination, retirement, public employee rights, and interpretations of union labor law.

There are other cases as well, where Alito wrote anti-worker majority decisions, as in his opinion to exempt public employers from the Family and Medical Leave Act (a principle that the Supreme Court subsequently overruled, putting him to the right of William Rehnquist)
[Emphasis added.]

To the right of Rehnquist? To that I say


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