Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Immediate Objective Must Be the Political Destruction of Karl Rove

By all accounts, the despicable, vicious campaign of lies and smears that has been launched against Representative John Murtha is being directly coordinated by Bush's chief political deputy Karl Rove. Rove is determined to destroy Murtha for daring to call for a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. You see, Murtha isn't just any regular anti-war Democrat. He was in the Marines (active and reserve) for 37 years. He received the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart in Vietnam. He has been a fierce Democratic hawk, unfailing in his support for the military. A few years ago he received a special lifetime achievement award from the Marines. He voted to give Bush the authority to take military action. He has been visiting wounded servicemen at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington right from the start of the war. So when someone like Murtha speaks up against continuing our military involvement in Iraq, it has a huge impact. This is why the Republican Rightwing noise machine has gone into high gear to attack him. And Rove is coordinating the assault.

It's time to take this son of a bitch out.

Rove, first of all, is a draft dodger who avoided military service and yet loves to attack people who have served if they dare to cross him. Second, he's a piece of human garbage who learned his dirty tricks working for Nixon. Third, every campaign in which he's been involved has gotten unbelievably ugly. Rove spread lies about Bush's opponent in 1994, Ann Richards, deliberately spreading rumors in gay-hostile Texas that Richards was a lesbian. He smeared a Democratic candidate for the Alabama Supreme Court by spreading rumors that the Democrat was a child molester. He personally coordinated the horrible attacks on John McCain in the 2000 South Carolina primary campaign. (I lost all respect for McCain--almost--when he meekly supported Bush in 2004.) Rove personally coordinated the Swift Boat bullshit against John Kerry, with Bush's personal approval. And now Rove is attempting to destroy yet another veteran. (What is it with these chickenhawk bastards like Rove and Limbaugh? Anger and guilt because they know what gutless cowards they actually are?) But whatever the case, one thing is clear: ROVE MUST BE POLITICALLY DESTROYED FOR ALL TIME. Democrats must attack him by name, relentlessly, angrily, ruthlessly, incessantly. There must be no let up on the assault against Rove. Every political weapon must be used against him. Democrats have a reputation of not being willing to fight back as hard and as dirty as the Republicans do. Well, this Democrat, J. Miller the Rampant, isn't a Democrat who just takes it. I FIGHT BACK. My blog may be tiny, but with whatever voice I have, I will call for Rove's destruction. Rove is the brains, heart, and soul of the utterly corrupt and morally bankrupt Republican Party. Tear him down, and you decapitate the Republican Right. Use any dirt you have on him. Attack him by name on the Sunday talk shows. Start the rumor mill going against him. Shed light on this lousy little cockroach every chance you get. And above all, push for Patrick Fitzgerald to stay focused on Rove and his traitorous actions in the Plame Affair.

This is it, Democrats. A good man is under attack by Rove. What do you intend to do about it? I'll be waiting.

And I'll be fighting back.

UPDATE: Check this column out from the LA Times.

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