Friday, November 11, 2005

Republican Party to Veterans: Drop Dead

The Republicans continue their war on America's veterans with this outrageous action. Veterans groups will not be allowed to testify at open Congressional hearings for the first time in the 55 years since such hearings have been held. Bush's House cronies are behind this. They probably don't want to hear members of the VFW rip Bush a new one on his vicious, disastrous policies. Remember, this is the Administration that has attempted repeatedly to cut veterans benefits. From Phil Singer:

Republicans Voted Against Veterans' Health Care FIVE TIMES This Year, Despite Warnings of Budget Shortfall. Before the Department of Veterans Affairs announced a $1 billion budget shortfall earlier this year, Senate Republicans voted twice against $1.98 billion for veterans' health care, while also opposing a proposal to increase veterans' health care funding by $2.8 billion. And last month, Republicans said "no" to keeping veterans' health care funding in line with inflation and population growth. These votes all came despite at least five warnings from Sen. Patty Murray that the proposed federal funding for veterans' programs would not be enough to cover costs. [Vote #89, 4/12/05; Vote #90, 4/12/05; Vote #55, 3/16/05; Vote #251, 10/5/05; CQ Today, 10/5/05; U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs Press Release, 6/23/05; Office of Sen. Patty Murray; Tacoma News Tribune, 6/29/05]

The Republicans are also attempting to cripple the Veterans Administration. I posted this last month; it's time to post it again.

And need I remind you about the lies that put our service people in the line of fire in Iraq? The lack of adequate Humvee and body armor for them once they got there? The rotten planning for post-war Iraq that has put our service people in grave danger every day? The disgusting lies about a genuine American hero, Pat Tillman, whose tragic death was exploited by right-wing Republicans for political gain?

Veterans, all you've gotten from Bush and his lying thugs is bullshit. He doesn't give a damn about you except as props for his photo-ops and Republican campaign commercials. It's time to stand with the people who have ALWAYS stood with you, have NEVER let you down, and WILL NEVER let you down: The Democratic Party.


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I'm with you. And by the way, the link through to the article that talks about privatizing the VA is pretty scary.

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