Saturday, November 26, 2005

Family Fun with Machine Guns

This is just weird. This a machine gun festival (in effect) in Oklahoma. I found it both fascinating and disturbing. And even though I'm a pro-gun rights Democrat, I was still amazed at how over the top Red State America can be.

(Courtesy of Lance Ehlers at Slowcurl.)


Anonymous said...

You're right. It's disgusting how much power we allow these beer-swilling rednecks to have. All the power should remain with the government and in the hands of kind, tolerant, intelligent people like you and me.

Joseph said...

I don't think that all power should be with the govt. and those who share my views. But I did view it as kind of out there.

unsubscriber said...

Lots of stuff blowin' up real good! G'me another swaller of Jack -- the feelin' of pure Liberty coursin' through my veins by itself is just too much!