Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Depths to Which Bush's Image Has Fallen

Emerging Democratic Majority has an excellent post summarizing how completely Bush has collapsed in the eyes of the American people. Only Richard Nixon, bedeviled by Watergate, has had lower ratings at this point in his term. Clinton, who Republican rightwingers considered to be a combination of the AntiChrist and Stalin, was overwhelmingly more popular than Dubya. Bush has even lost public support on those twin pillars which have allowed him to bully everyone else around: leadership and effectiveness against terrorism. In short, his Administration is politically bankrupt. I intend to shout this fact as much as humanly possible.

Historians will long ponder how the least qualified presidential candidate since William Jennings Bryan in 1896 was "elected" president in 2000. They will study the breathtaking venality and incompetence of Bush and his cronies at some length. And they may just see 2005 as the year the American people began to wake up from their dream world--and saved themselves.

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