Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Debt Mountain Continues to Grow

I saw a post this morning by bonddad on DKos and it struck me as notable. He's looked at the Bureau of Public Debt site and found that the public debt has risen by $547,000,000,000 in the last 11 months alone. I decided to look at some other figures at some related sites. The debt news is not good.

From 30 September 2000 to now, the public debt has increased by 39.7%, going from 5.674 trillion to 7.929 trillion dollars, an increase of $2,255,000,000,000 since His Fraudulency George II became president via the 2000 coup d' etat.

Perhaps more alarmingly, the amount of our debt held by foreign investors has doubled. In March 2005, foreigners held 1.029 trillion in our debt; in March of this year foreign holdings amounted to 2.037 trillion dollars. Much of this is held by the Chinese.

The Bush Administration's response? Let's cut the estate tax.

The Republicans are killing our country.

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