Tuesday, July 14, 2009

To Right-Wing Critics and Trolls:

A. You will get nowhere with me when you throw tired, lying discredited Right-Wing talking points at me, particularly those that try to build up an IDIOT like Sarah Palin. Palin has FAILED at every job she has ever had. She ruined Wasilla, Alaska, financially. She has managed to alienate the REPUBLICAN leaders in the state legislature, and has LIED about her role in the natural gas pipeline and EVERY OTHER MATTER of public record. Now she's even lying about quitting the job she just quit!! What are you people, suckers and marks? She's a grifter and a con artist. Wake up.

B. Palin and her husband "palled around" with outright TRAITORS from the Alaska Independence Party for many years, but that doesn't seem to bother you. You conservatives are so funny. So many of you are going berserk about Obama not being "patriotic", and yet you gladly support people who advocate (or at least wink at) treason and secession. Where have the calls for secession come from? The Right. (Half of all Texas Republicans favor secession.) Glenn Beck darkly threatens a second Civil War, and Limbaugh talks about a military coup in the U.S. I'm glad Obama has stripped your "patriotic" mask off.

C. Barack Obama was a brilliantly effective Illinois State Senator, and I have the documentation for that claim highlighted. 

D. Obama was a fine U.S. Senator as well, as seen in his work on nuclear non-proliferation and ethics issues (with GOP senators). In fact, compared to McCain's ONE significant legislative achievement in 20+ years, Obama had accomplished as much or more!

E. I have forgotten more about socialism than most of you have ever learned. Don't like my tone? Tough. I don't like your absurd accusations of "socialism" thrown at President Obama. Evidently, socialism consists in temporarily nationalizing less than one-half of 1% of the U.S.'s economy and raising Sean Hannity's taxes from 35 to 39.6%. Horrors! And Obama actually wants people to have a right to buy government-sponsored health insurance when private companies dump them or refuse to cover them at all. Why, that's just like Russia under Stalin!!

F. Put the term "Palin" into the search engine and read everything I have posted about her. I have presented a thoroughly documented, DAMNING case against this dangerous, utterly unfit woman. Take issue with those I have quoted or excerpted, but know one thing: we've got the facts, we've got the quotes, and best of all, we have Palin's idiotic, stumble-mouthed interviews with such people as Katie Couric to present to the court of public opinion. In fact, Palin's ONLY effective speech was the one she read off a teleprompter at the Republican National Convention. Ha! I guess she's lost without her electronic friend.


Ghost Knight said...

A. I'm not a big fan of Palin, either, and I'm sure we can find someone better suited to oust the Dear Reader from his perch.

B. Hussein is as unpatriotic as they come. He hasn't stripped any of our masks off, as true patriots have no need of them. He has managed, however, to put a high sheen on our hatred for the socialist, globalist, "one-world" society he and his lackeys are trying to create. It is not treason to want this country to adhere to the ideals it was founded upon, nor is it treason to suggest armed action to further those ends. It is defense against tyranny.

C. Obama was a do-nothing Senator who managed to take credit for other people's ideas, in the true spirit of the Chicago Machine. I've lived half my life in the county he hails from, and no one ever heard of the guy before he began his presidential run.

D. See "C" above.

E. Just because you've forgotten so much about socialism doesn't mean that it is now acceptable, or that it isn't what Hussein is trying to foist on the American people. And he does not want government health care to be a temporary option; he wants it to one day be the ONLY option. And that is as bad as it gets. How do I know? Well, I asked my wife, and as an actuary with over 15 years experience in the field, she's forgotten more about the health-care industry that most people have ever learned. It may not be Russia under Stalin yet, but Stalin had Lenin to pave the way for him. So who will be Stalin to Obama's Lenin?

Joseph said...

I publish Ghost Knight's overwrought comments only to highlight the last 2 lines of paragraph B. This is the radical Right mindset in a nutshell, one that says, "Do things my way, or there will be violence".

I'm sure Ghost Knight spoke up loudly against the suspension of habeas corpus, the govt.'s assertion that it could any citizen without charge indefinitely, the use of grotesque forms of torture, and the egregious violations of the 4th amendment, all perpetrated by Bush and Cheney.

And I'm sure pigs have wings, too.

Get a grip, for crying out loud, and come down from the ceiling.

Joseph said...

Correction to my comment, line 7: should include the word imprison.

Ghost Knight said...

What US citizen was unlawfully detained under Bush? Enemy combatants do not count. And waterboarding can hardly be described as torture, when it's part of the Navy SEAL training regimen. In any event, making some dirtbag's life mildly uncomfortable for a few minutes in an effort to save the lives of Americans is a step I'd be willing to take every time.

And it is Obama who has been the most vocal about wanting things done his way, or else.

I can assure you, my feet are firmly on the ground, and I know where I stand. It may not be a position you agree with, but it's what I believe in, and will fight for it if the Left forces me to do so. My grip, of course, is firmly on the butt of my handgun, which I will only give up one bullet at a time. I make no apologies for having convictions and standing by them.