Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ben Stein Flat Out LIES About President Obama and Israel

Ben Stein is a right-wing fanatic and pathological liar of the first order, and MediaMatters has the evidence (again) right here. Stein simply pulls an utter bullshit lie out of his ass, namely that Barack Obama attacked Israel in his 2004 speech to the Democratic National Convention. The FACT is that Obama DIDN'T MENTION ISRAEL AT ALL IN THAT SPEECH. Further, Stein has tried to portray Obama as anti-Israel when the record SHOWS THE EXACT OPPOSITE.

How many times do I have to prove it? These right-wing pundits and right-wing politicians will tell ANY LIE at ANY TIME. They don't give a DAMN about the truth. All they want is power, and they will hurl any slime and perpetrate any smear to get it. Stein is a con artist and a wretched little Nixon-style propagandist. I wouldn't believe that son of a bitch if he told me what my own name was--I'd still check my driver's license.

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