Friday, July 03, 2009

Man, I Leave the Country for a While and Everything Goes Crazy

Celebrities dying, Republicans cheating on their wives (again), and now, just after I get back, Palin is bailing on her job. My reactions:

--I was sorry to hear of Farrah Fawcett (after a long bout with cancer), and somber but not surprised about Ed McMahon and Karl Malden, both of whom had long lives and solid careers (especially Malden). About Michael Jackson's death, I feel absolutely nothing. I'm more sorry for the children whose lives he (may have) ruined. Jackson was deeply disturbed in every way, and I cannot mourn for him.

--Mark Sanford admitting to adultery gives me malicious pleasure, but only if I don't think of how hurt his family must be.  Whenever one of these right wing clowns keeps jabbering about "family values", you better hang on to your wallet--and your spouse.

--Sarah Palin is a fraud and a coward. She is resigning, evidently, to stay one step ahead of corruption charges. And the nauseating Palin worship on the part of the Tea Party/creationist/Freeper/Birther/racist/homophobic idiots is proof again of just what a bloody disaster everything she stands for is. Thank GOD she lost last year!!

--BTW, I'll tell you about my Japan trip as soon as I shake my serious case of jet lag.


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pablo said...

Welcome back, Miller San. Your voice has been missed.