Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Politico: Right Wing Hackery and Lying Raised to an Art Form

Glenn Greenwald has the hilarious details here. Politico was founded by a right-wing propaganda hack and has been pushing this "Republican resurgence" bullshit constantly. Greenwald slams them with the TRUTH:

There’s been no surge in GOP voter registration and little evidence that the party brand is experiencing a recovery. Last month, a New York Times/CBS poll reported that the GOP’s favorability ratings remained at a record-breaking low -- 28 percent, down from a high of 59 percent in November 1994.

A Wall St. Journal/NBC News poll from just last month also found: "25 percent hold a favorable view of the Republican Party, which is an all-time low for it in the poll." By contrast, "45 percent hold a favorable view of the Democratic Party" -- a mere 20 point gap. That the GOP has been completely destroyed in two consecutive elections, is shattered and discredited by every metric, and continues to register record low favorability ratings doesn't seem to give Politico any pause in declaring it a party on the upswing and Democrats in deep, deep trouble

Heh heh. You GO, Glenn!

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