Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama's Illinois Senate Record

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Impressive. (From the New York Times originally)


Anonymous said...

Wow. That really is impressive - only immigration and environmental issues seem a bit lacking.

By the way, in light of your last post, I found a thread on DKos that might cheer you up, if you haven't already seen it:


It's Dems behaving the way Democrats should.

And if that doesn't work, this is very funny, if also a bit depressing in a sense:


How was it in Hawai'i yesterday?

Anonymous said...

Yes this is his record as an Illinois Senator not a US Senator. He stepped into the big time and has done little. What is going to happen when he steps into the biggest role in the US.

Interesting that he sponsored the most bills about Health Care and his 4th most on the Economy. The number one issue in the election is the economy. This is Followed by Health Care. If he brings his Health Care plan of a mix of private and Universal Coverage he is going to have to raise taxes. This will hurt the economy. It might cripple it into a Depression not a recession.

The question is voters, are you willing to give up your job and income for health care coverage.

Are you willing to vote for a man who has not sponsored many bills for the military and veterans?

Did the immigration issue go away?

Can he turn the US into a police state by making tougher gun laws and then enforcing them.

Joseph said...

Anonymous 1, Hawaii was great yesterday. The caucus in my town was packed. Great turnout.

Anonymous 2, I will be detailing Obama's U.S. Senate record soon. And I think your criticisms of him are overwrought, to say the least. More to come.

Joe Witek said...

The lack of enviornment, immigration, and military experience concerns me. I think these are the key issues that we are facing at this time.