Wednesday, February 27, 2008

John McCain OWNS the Iraq War

He does so because he personally takes credit for the "success" of the "Surge" (escalation), which apparently is so "successful" that none of the U.S. forces can be withdrawn at any time in the near future. McCain has been, other than Bush and Cheney, the war's biggest booster, supporter, and cheerleader. He STILL thinks it was a good idea, even though NONE of the stated reasons for waging it turned out to be valid, and despite the fact that it has done tangible harm to our struggle against the terrorists in Afghanistan. He is of the bizarre opinion that the United States should declare a permanent presence in an Arab state, apparently without bothering to ask those Arabs if they even want an American presence in their country at all. By virtue of the fact that McCain thinks the war was such a good idea, let him share responsibility with Bush for the following:

Almost 4,000 dead Americans
About 30,000 wounded Americans
Countless thousands of soldiers and Marines with PTSD
Anywhere from 100,000 to perhaps 600,000 dead Iraqi civilians
Some 2,000,000 permanently displaced Iraqi civilians
Five hundred billion dollars spent on the war--so far
The colossal damage done to U.S. foreign policy interests
The presence of Al Qaeda in Iraq (since they weren't there before)

Remember, people, McCain has ASKED for this. So remember:


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