Sunday, February 24, 2008

Soviet America

Former Governor Don Siegelman of Alabama was railroaded into prison by a corrupt Karl Rove. 60 Minutes did a report on it. Let's let Larisa Alexandrovna take it from here:

Now, let me tell you what has been going on. As 60 Minutes was putting its show together, the White House put pressure on CBS -- the parent company -- to kill the show. Over the last few days, as word got out that the 60 Minutes show would air tonight, Karl Rove's associates began planting defamatory stories about journalists working on this story (see example here) and attacking the whistle-blower who came forward, Dana Jill Simpson. If you recall, Ms. Simpson testified, under oath, to Congress about Karl Rove's involvement in politicizing the DOJ. What you may not know, however, is that her house mysteriously caught fire and she was run off the road in the weeks leading up to her testimony. [Emphasis added]

Damn, this crap is getting scary. If you're a progressive, this will piss you off. If you're any kind of American, it SHOULD piss you off. Make sure you look at the links if you think I'm exaggerating.

Just what in the HELL is going on in America? Why is the former Democratic governor of Alabama in prison? And why ISN'T Karl Rove?

Here, by the way, is the 60 Minutes Story. (There is a brief commercial message preceding it.)


Anonymous said...

Completely outrageous.

I actually got in an argument with a conservative today about whether Rove's reputation as a corrupt and devious smear-artist is truly deserved. The conservative's reasoning was that there is no hard evidence tying Rove to the things he is associated with, and also that Dems and liberals engage in such tactics on the same level.

It is easy to produce factual evidence to counteract such claims, but it is sometimes difficult to surmount the disbelief and anger one feels long enough to frame a coherent response.

Joseph said...

Well said!