Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Winner By a Country Mile--JOE BIDEN!

In tonight's debate, Joe Biden poured out a lifetime of service to America.

Preening fraud Sarah Palin regurgitated talking points crammed into her.

Joe Biden's answers came from a distinguished career, one in which he has made enormous contributions to our country, and from his deep and profound experience.

Sarah Palin's "answers" (she avoided almost all questions) came from briefing books she had studied for a week.

Joe Biden showed genuine humanity.

Sarah Palin was shallow and phony.

The American people saw the truth. The surveys taken after the debate (CBS, CNN, MediaCurves) showed an OVERWHELMING VICTORY FOR BIDEN.

Change is coming to America.

Count on it.

(Photo hat tip: Al Rodgers)


* Valerie * said...

I agree - it was obvious that Sarah Palin was talking about votes that she had committed to memory in the past two weeks vs. Biden, who was really there on the Senate floor and knew who voted for what. The more I see him, the more I like him.

Joseph said...

BTW, Anonymous--don't try to spam my blog with lying right wing talking points.

Mehal said...

Aww...I wanted to slam the lying right wing talking points.

I like how Biden basically ignored Palin throughought the debate. Palin's a lightweight and doesn't deserve his attention.