Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bastion of Conservative Capitalism Endorses Obama

That would be Britain's The Economist, perhaps the most respected mass circulation current affairs magazine in the Western world. And this has just gotta sting:

Meanwhile his [McCain's] temperament, always perhaps his weak spot, has been found wanting. Sometimes the seat-of-the-pants method still works: his gut reaction over Georgia—to warn Russia off immediately—was the right one. Yet on the great issue of the campaign, the financial crisis, he has seemed all at sea, emitting panic and indecision. Mr McCain has never been particularly interested in economics, but, unlike Mr Obama, he has made little effort to catch up or to bring in good advisers (Doug Holtz-Eakin being the impressive exception).

The choice of Sarah Palin epitomised the sloppiness. It is not just that she is an unconvincing stand-in, nor even that she seems to have been chosen partly for her views on divisive social issues, notably abortion. Mr McCain made his most important appointment having met her just twice.

Ironically, given that he first won over so many independents by speaking his mind, the case for Mr McCain comes down to a piece of artifice: vote for him on the assumption that he does not believe a word of what he has been saying. Once he reaches the White House, runs this argument, he will put Mrs Palin back in her box, throw away his unrealistic tax plan and begin negotiations with the Democratic Congress. That is plausible; but it is a long way from the convincing case that Mr McCain could have made. Had he become president in 2000 instead of Mr Bush, the world might have had fewer problems. But this time it is beset by problems, and Mr McCain has not proved that he knows how to deal with them

Oh, and that other British hotbed of Commie-Socialist-Terrorist-Radicalism, The Financial Times has also endorsed Obama. And it's also noteworthy that Obama was a very highly regarded and well liked teacher at that Marxist fever swamp called The University of Chicago.

When you hear the lying conmen of the Right call Obama a "socialist" or a "Marxist", keep these things in mind. And when the head grifters, McCain and Palin do so, treat them with the scorn and contempt they deserve.

Oh, and one other thing: I doubt that Caribou Barbie even knows how to define the word socialism.

Or maybe even how to spell it.

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* Valerie * said...

I absolutely loved The Economist's endorsement. Very classy.