Monday, October 27, 2008

Palin's Connection to Convicted Criminal Ted Stevens

Alaska REPUBLICAN Senator Ted Stevens was today convicted on all 7 counts in his criminal trial for various forms of corruption. MyDD examines the link between phony "reformer" Sarah Palin and the disgraced Senator here.

Gee, do you think the Alaska Disasta is gonna vote for ol' Ted? After all she did head up Stevens' 527  organization, don't cha know? Oh, you betcha. Here's some relevant details:

At the time Stevens revealed the existence of the 527 group -- a type of independent political corporation named for its the section of the tax code -- ethics experts questioned whether it was appropriate.

The Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call reported that several experts called the group an example of the fine legal line between a legal effort to conduct political activity and then-new prohibitions against raising unlimited soft-money.

Board members of Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service were legally allowed to raise as much money as they wanted from corporations or unions or unlimited donations from individuals -- all of which would have been illegal for Stevens to do himself.

And of course Palin has stonewalled the IRS concerning just how much money the 527 raised.

Gee--what a "reformer" she is.

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