Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Flood of Republican Lies Continues

The latest disgusting slime attack is deconstructed here. *

Racism, xenophobia, slander, smear, death threats, ranting hatred, and sheer, utter g-d damned lies is all we're getting out of the Republican Party these days. We can see them truly for what they are. And it's a repulsive sight.

*BTW, I am not the author of the article cited, even though we share a name.


Anonymous said...

Joseph, I have enjoyed your blog. But, I am changing my vote to McCain on the one fact that I don't want to see America fail. Fail like all of the other Socialist Countries of the world. Redistribution of wealth does not work. As a father of a family of four and the main bread winner, my taxes will not go up for either candidate, but I work hard for my wages. Americans need to step up and quite crying and do something for themselves. The government should not give free handouts to everyone. I am voting for John McCain.

Zach said...

I'm curios as to the omission of the "o" from God.

Joseph said...

Zach, I follow Hebrew/Jewish custom here (even though I'm not Jewish) so as not to take God's name in vain when I'm being negative.

Anonymous, you seem to not understand how progressive taxation works. All tax systems of any kind "redistribute wealth". The idea that Obama, in calling for a return to 2001 levels of taxation for the upper class of income earners, is advocating "socialism" is so absurd as to border on the insane.

I really can feel my emotional ties to many of fellow Americans weakening. Terrorist, Communist, Muslim, Socialist, every filthy lie the Republicans think will help is used.

They make me sick, and I'm starting to despise them.

Mehal said...

Anonymous, the truth is that we've always had some form of wealth redistribution in the country. I pay my taxes out of my own wealth. Some of it gets distributed in farm subsidies. Some of it goes to people on welfare. Some of it pays the salary of government workers who may be substantially richer or poorer than me. Some goes to funding public works projects in places far from where I live. Basically, my wealth is going to other places because the government thinks that my money would be better used somewhere else. Sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong.

Under the Bush administration, there's been plenty of wealth redistribution. It's gone from middle class people (I'll file myself as middle class. I'm not in poverty but make under 100K) to the wealthiest portion of society. If you think wealth redistribution is a problem, you need to take it up with Bush.

Also, I take slight issue with your comment that all Socialist Countries have failed. I'm not a socialist, but I recognize that not every country that has a progressive income tax or massive state funded programs has failed. Some countries like Sweden have high standards of living and development. I don't think we should duplicate Swedish governing practices, but we shouldn't recoil in fear from some practice just because it seems like something a Socialist would espouse.