Friday, October 17, 2008

The Insane Filth of the Final Republican Onslaught

The Republican Party has, in the past, harbored ultra-right lunatics like the drunken demagogue Joe McCarthy, but they usually didn't run things. But this isn't Ike's GOP any more. Now, the Republican Party is totally run by people who are so dishonest, so maniacal, so perverse, and so dangerous that I shudder at the prospect of them returning to power once again. With Barack Obama and Joe Biden still holding a lead with 17 days to go, David Corn has warned us that the final, desperate attacks of the Republicans on Obama will be so demented and over the top as to almost beggar belief. When you read of these, you might be reminded of the savage and wildly destructive kamikaze attacks launched by the desperate Japanese in the waning days of World War II. Read them and shake your head in disbelief--coddler of terrorists, secret Black Muslim, Socialist/Communist, anti-Christian, the works. And there is a viciously racist tinge to all of it.

We have to beat this back. The survival of America and the safety of the world depend on it.

ACT. Give money. Give time. Give your vote. Spread the word.


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