Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Good Guys 4, Losers 0

A sweep! Obama simply CRUSHED McCain in the final debate, sealing the Republican fraud master's doom. McCain tried every lie, threw every false argument, tried every trick. None of it worked. Barack mopped the floor with him. Here's a summary of the good news here:

Over at CNN, a separate poll of several hundred debate watchers again favored the Democrat by large margins: 58 percent for Obama to McCain's 31 percent. Perhaps more importantly, McCain's favorable rating dropped 51 to 49 while his unfavorable rating increased from 45 percent to 49 percent. Obama ended up with 66 percent favorable rating.

Digging into the details the news is even worse for the Arizona Republican.

Asked who "expressed his views more clearly" 66 percent said Obama, 25 percent said McCain.

"Who spent their time attacking his opponent:" 80 percent said McCain, seven percent said Obama. "Who seemed to be the stronger leader:" 56 percent for Obama, 39 percent for McCain. And who was "more likeable:" 70 percent for Obama to McCain's 22 percent.

Ha ha! And Obama even won the Fox News focus group. Oh, that's gotta sting!

Three debate victories out of three for Obama. A decisive debate victory for Biden. Four and Oh, Baby!

Keep working! Keep contributing! Keep the pressure on! Go for the landslide! 

The Democratic Party is on the march!

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