Friday, October 24, 2008

Scenes from a Dying, Vicious, Morally Bankrupt Campaign

--The McCain campaign was trying to push the now utterly discredited story about an "attack" on a McCain supporter by an Obama supporter. They have now been caught and exposed. (BTW, the whole right wing blogosphere was hyperventilating about this, with a few exceptions, and has now once again shown itself to be populated largely with lying/delusional thugs.)
--McCain robocalls are now accusing Obama of being a terrorist sympathizer, against the sentencing of criminals for serious crimes, an enemy of America, and every other lying, gutter-level accusation the McCain campaign can think of. I'll say it once again: John McCain is a DISHONORABLE, MORALLY BANKRUPT PERSON, and he has been for quite some time. The people in charge of running the robocalls, incidentally, were the people who destroyed McCain with similar filth in 2000.
--While Obama continues to draw gigantic crowds--35,000 in Indianapolis, 30,000 in north central Virginia, 75,000 in Kansas City, 100,000 in St. Louis--McCain continues to be largely ignored. McCain's most recent Colorado rally was in front of 1200 people in a half-filled arena.
--McCain's people are already sending out resumes, and this is 10 days before the vote. Man, nothing says confidence more than that!

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