Sunday, January 20, 2008

Yes! One Year from Today he's GONE!!

Yes, in the midst of our throwing spitballs at each other over which candidate did what in Nevada, we're overlooking a happy fact: the worst president since James Buchanan is THROUGH, GONE, OUTTA HERE one year from today, baby! What can we do to A: Celebrate this. B. Make W's life wretchedly miserable in his last year in office? My suggestions for B.:

  1. Force the Democratic leadership in Congress, especially the Senate, to stop letting the Republicans block everything by just threatening a filibuster. Throw legislation in their faces again and again. Make them go ON RECORD in an election year for repeatedly blocking the people's business.
  2. Come together in strong UNITY after a nominee has been selected, either after 5 February or later. And stop this damned, petty squabbling amongst ourselves, which is demoralizing many of us. The Democrats must present a UNITED FRONT. I don't give a damn WHO our nominee is--I'm going ALL OUT. And the Republicans need to know we mean business on this.
  3. No more Bush appointees to the Supreme Court should a vacancy occur. Hold Schumer to his word.
  4. Enforce the contempt of Congress rules against the Administration officials that are arrogantly ignoring subpoenas.
  5. Push the investigations of Bush-Cheney corruption even harder, especially against Halliburton and Blackwater.
  6. Continue the Democratic boycott of Fox "News". In fact, I wouldn't even let those assholes onto the floor in Denver.
  7. Tie Bush around the neck of every Republican running for office, including St. John McCain should he be the Republican nominee. They were more than happy to prosper when W was semi-popular; let them politically die with him now.

Any others you can think of?



Anonymous said...

One year from now...ding dong the Dubya's gone, the wicked Dubya, the wicked Dubya. Ding dong he's taking Cheney with him. Perhaps there should be a joyous parade with marching bands like when the green witch melted.

pandelume said...

Perhaps you mean the Wicked Witch of the East?

Anyhow, is there some reason we shouldn't be pleased that the current President Bush will be out of office in the near future? His performance has been lousy, and I'll be happy to see him go - if you don't agree, why not post a remark with some substance instead of heckling?

Paul C