Monday, January 28, 2008

Reflections on Reading Random Threads About Politics

--The hard core conservatives hate, and I mean HATE John McCain with a fury that has to be seen to be believed. I know their hatred for the Clintons is utterly batshit insane, too, but I really have a hard time thinking these people will swallow their bile and get out and support Mac in the fall if the GOP nominates him. I mean, they've accused him of every vile thing imaginable, including betraying his fellow POWs (an obscene charge). What will happen if they have to choose on 4 November between the Queen of the Damned and the Traitor of the Hanoi Hilton? Stay tuned.
--Ron Paul's supporters, otherwise known as Paulbots, rear their strange little heads all over the place, invading one thread after another with their assertions that "only Dr. Paul" can save America. It's sort of weirdly entertaining, like a Mountain Dew commercial as imagined by Salvador Dali.
--Giuliani's impending demise is being met largely with malicious glee.
--Conservative pinheads (redundancy?) continue to spew out the terms "Democrat Party" and "liberal media" with Neanderthal-like exuberance. You can almost feel the spit jumping out of their keyboards as they type.
--Bush is largely ignored, laughed at, insulted in surprisingly creative ways, or defended only weakly. It's as if he's disappearing before our eyes.
--Supporters of the various candidates are doing everything but exchanging gun fire with each other. More and more threads are degenerating into tiresome flame wars marked by increasingly vicious profanity.
And democracy marches on!


Daedalusx007 said...

For all the great support that the paulbots claim Ron Paul has I have never met one in person and it wan't until a month ago that I actually saw a Ron Paul sign that hadn't been made on someone's computer.

His is the silliest campaign in American History.

I'm rather surpsised that he hasn't gone into some sort of rant about Eugene Debs or Aaron Burr.

Geneve said...

There's a Paultard-supporting restaurant down the street from me. They have a 15ft RON PAUL FOR AMERICA banner over the door, signs in the windows, the whole deal. I keep thinking they're going to toll me for walking on the sidewalk in front of them.