Thursday, January 24, 2008

Now THIS F***ING Pisses Me Off

You know, in my immediate family 6 out of 7 of us are females (my wife, three wonderful stepdaughters who are now grown women, and two beautiful granddaughters). I saw my Mom struggle to raise four kids by herself; I saw my sister rise in a largely male dominated profession. I was strongly pro-ERA. You might say that women's issues are extremely important to me, and that respect for women is very high in my heart. That's why when I saw this bullshit I was ready to punch out the lights of the half assed Republican scum that came up with it. (Be sure to check the graphic out, and no, I won't post it.)

I'm for John Edwards and, failing that, Barack Obama. (Al Gore remains my true hero.) I am not for Hillary, although I will strongly support her in the general if she is our nominee. But by God, I'm not going to stand for this level of Republican gutter politics. (Can't you just see these little right wing BOYS who came up with this laughing and saying, "Duh, we called Hillary a c--t! Awesome, dude!")

We knew it was going to be rough, and this is just another example of how our "morally upright, family values" opponents intend to play it. I hesitate to publicize this filth, but I smell blowback in this effort, big time. Somewhere around 52% of the electorate is made up of women. If this is how the Republicans intend to "humorously" fight the first woman major party nominee, then I think a lot of women are going to g-d damned angry. This kind of misogynist shit may play with the cretins at Free Republic, but it sure as hell ain't gonna play in the general public. (And anyone who called any of my gals that name would have his face altered by yours truly.)

Occasionally, we get to see what our political enemies really are. Let this asshole Stone push this garbage. Let the little Republican boys wear this "funny" shirt. And then let every woman (and every man who loves and respects women) see what political party is associated with this viciously anti-woman garbage--and vote accordingly


Anonymous said...

Lighten up Francis.

Joseph said...

Well, apart from the fact that I'm not "Francis" (a name which is no doubt intended to denigrate me) I have no intention of "lightening up" when right wingers pull this kind of anti-woman bullshit. Got it, pal? Not too hard for you to understand, is it?

pandelume said...

I believe anonymous' remark was a reference to the movie "Stripes", wherein a chracter named Francis "Psycho" Soyer tells someone that if they call him Francis he'll kill them, to which the sergeant replies "lighten up, Francis". I presume anonymous' intent was to suggest that your intensity on the subject is excessive when compared to its importance. Opinions obviously vary; perhaps this indicates how seriously most people will take this.

For the record, I agree that this smear has a misogynistic slant and that's not acceptable.

Paul C