Sunday, January 13, 2008

The GOP: Flirtin' With Disaster

The evidence is right here for all to see: The Republican Party is sinking like a stone and the one many of their rank and file hate the most--McCain--is the only one who could conceivably pull out a win for them. Key findings:

Looking at the favorability ratings for the two parties nationally, the Democratic Party is looking remarkably strong. In fact, the Democrats have not had such a high net favorable rating in CNN/ORC polling dating back nearly a year and a half, with 55 percent of Americans viewing the party positively and just 34 percent viewing it [un]favorably. While the party's favorable number did hit 56 percent in September 2006, never before has the spread been so favorable for the party...

Currently just 41 percent of Americans view the Republican Party favorably, up from 36 percent in June 2007 but actually down from 44 percent in September 2006. A total of 48 percent of Americans view the GOP unfavorably, a significantly higher negative rating than that registered by the Democrats...

[In regard to candidates]Specifically, 52 percent of respondents indicated they would definitely not vote for Huckabee, while 55 percent said the same of Giuliani and 62 percent said the same of Romney. While just 43 percent said that they would not consider supporting John McCain in November, no Democrat faced a higher level of opposition. What's more, McCain's hard support was less that than for either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, indicating less excitement about his candidacy than for the candidacies of the leading Democratic candidates.

But my favorite part is the match-ups between the top Democrats and the sorry bunch of losers the Republicans have:
Polled Matchups
Obama 56 Giuliani 40

Obama 59 Romney 37

Obama 49 McCain 48

Obama 58 Huckabee 39

Clinton 55 Giuliani 42

Clinton 58 Romney 40

Clinton 50 McCain 48

Clinton 56 Huckabee 42
As I said, only McCain has a shot. What does all this say about the state of the Republican Party under its two war criminal/incompetent/corrupt leaders, the Boy King and Darth Cheney? The Democrats may yet find a way to punt this away, but right now this could be the best Democratic year since 1964.

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