Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Honorable John Edwards Withdraws

His campaign was doomed by the 15 year-old children who control political discourse in this country, such as the utterly cretinous Maureen Dowd. Most of the mainstream media were transfixed by such idiotic matters as Edwards' hair, or the bizarre assertion that no rich man could actually care about the poor. Again, the overgrown adolescents in the news have chosen our candidates for us by deciding who gets covered and who doesn't. America deserves better. In my view, it deserved John Edwards.

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Anonymous said...

Edwards tried and failed to play the old class warfare game. It's hard to keep blaming corporations for the country's ills when so many individual and union pension funds, IRA and Keough plans own stock. Other than Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, the robber barons don't exist anymore.