Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Hampshire Will Be Blue in November

First, congratulations to Hillary Clinton for her surprising victory in the grossly over-rated New Hampshire primary. (It was, in part, a slap in the face to insufferable jackasses like Chris Matthews, who have made Clinton hating a full time job.) But more importantly, congratulations to the Democratic Party, which saw 55% of the voters in the most Republican state in the northeast turn out for its candidates. New Hampshire went for Kerry, narrowly, in 2004. It will vote Democratic this year by a much wider margin.

Now the political/media circus moves to South Carolina and Florida. The folks there have my sympathies.


Anonymous said...

The question about New Hampshire is who did the polls of how people will vote. They should be shot for their terrible job. It wasn't a huge Clinton win, but pollsters failure to do their job.

Daedalusx007 said...

Do people do much campaigning in HI?

Joseph said...

Not usually, although Satan With a Heart Condition (aka Cheney) showed up here in 2004 and left a slimy trail on the beach.