Friday, January 18, 2008

Lying Racist Scum Going After Obama

One the disgusting frauds who spearheaded the Swiftboat lies against John Kerry has turned his vile mentality against Barack Obama in a display of racist-fueled hatred that has to be seen to be believed. (The whole website, by the way, is unimaginably sick and twisted, and is filled with savage hatred for John McCain as well.) Here is a telling excerpt from the article if you don't have the stomach to read it for yourself. It regards Obama's response to a question about intervening in Kenya:

American conservatives already suspect that Obama Jr's much proclaimed opposition to America's war against Muslim terrorist [sic] in Iraq is more about his Muslim heritage than peace. Obama Jr's "I don't think we're at that stage yet" answer to Sawyer stirred immediate reaction from a former U.S. Congressman who saw the Sawyer interview. "Yet? We all know what that means. If elected, at what stage will Barack Obama be willing to send American servicemen and women into the Kenyan meat grinder."

Since the Kikuyu tribe of President Kibaki was the target of the killings and members of the Obama Jr's Lou [sic] tribe were doing the killing, one can image what the Kikuyu tribe thought of U.S. presidential candidate Obama Jr's plea for peace.

Aha! Obama's not only a secret Muslim, he opposes fighting terrorism and his true loyalties lie with his ancestral tribe in Kenya! The whole article, by the way, shouts "Muslim! Muslim! Muslim!" and repeats every single right wing canard about Obama's upbringing and faith.

Karl Rove, of course, is already sending out the dog whistles to the Right. Keith Olbermann caught the sound (via Raw Story):

"No official endorsements for Senator Clinton today," Olbermann stated, "but it sure appeared as if Karl Rove was back to backing the candidate he'd love to see beaten ... writing an op-ed in the now Murdoch-owned Murdoch Street Journal, in which he explains why Mrs. Clinton won in New Hampshire and otherwise eviscerates Senator Obama, saying of the Illinois Democrat's performance at the debate Saturday, 'His trash talking was an unattractive carryover from his days playing pickup basketball at Harvard, and capped a mediocre night.'"...

The racist slant of Rove's op-ed has already been widely noted among bloggers, with one of the more vehement writing, "When you take into consideration the malevolent genius of Karl Rove - The god damned Johnny Appleseed of fear harvesting - and understand that the higher echelon of the Republican base is being spoon-fed a concoction that consists of a feminist-socialist lesbian wife of a shill president or a lazy, jive-talking, b-ball playing huckster boy politician from Chicago ... Rove's ability to triangulate issues and interweave them with subtle strereotypical imagery would be fun to read if it was fiction. Unfortunately in real life, the fat master has stirred and is testing the waters to see if his style of politics still plays."

And in a blast from the past, here:

It took only 31 minutes for the Republicans to start the racist attacks against Barack Obama. At 7:27 PM, Jim wrote an article here at Irregular Times about a leak from Senator Barack Obama’s staff indicating that Obama will be running for President of the United States in 2008.

At 7:58 PM, an anonymous reader wrote that Barack Obama’s campaign for President is just “typical black behavior trying to “move up” in the world before he knows better to really do it”.

It will take all of our strength to fight this racist filth. The progressive blogosphere must be resolute in waging war against the Republicans who are pushing these lies and stereotypes. Any disputes we have among ourselves pale in comparison to the 180 degree separation between us and the right wing. We need to remember that, and Clinton supporters, Edwards supporters, and Obama supporters must all fight as one against the Republican fear campaign.

They're not getting away with it again. Not this time, G-d damn it. Not ever.

Hat tips: MyDD, Pandagon

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