Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The U.N.'s Map of Human Development Applied to the U.S.

The United Nations has what is called a human development index. It measures the opportunities humans have to create for themselves lives that are dignified and economically secure. (The United States ranks 15th overall on the list.) Now look at the map.

Where are the lowest levels of development in the U.S.? What political party do these states consistently support?

Look at the northeast. What political party do these states consistently support?

Of the 21 states with the highest level of development, 20 voted for a certain presidential candidate. Can you guess who?

Finally, can you guess which of our two major parties has based its support on getting poor and lower middle class people to vote against their own interests? Can you guess which one has the worst record on education, health care, and workers' rights? Can you spot the regions of the United States dominated by this party?

There will be a quiz.

(Via Sullivan)

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Zach said...

i think this might be the only quiz of yours I ever get a 100 on