Sunday, May 03, 2009

Democrats, GET RID of Arlen Specter

Look, I thought it was fun to watch the Senate Republicans' crestfallen faces when Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter switched parties. But so far, as a "Democrat", Specter has voted against the President's budget, announced he will not support the pro-labor EFCA, and has now come out against a desperately needed public option for health care. We see again the actions of an utterly amoral opportunist who switched parties simply because he knew Pennsylvania's increasingly demented Republican minority wouldn't re-nominate him. 

Remember, Specter voted with his party 65% over the last year. As far as I'm concerned, this mug has two options:

A. Get his ass in line and start supporting President Obama on ALL key issues, or
B. Get his ass thrown out of a job in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary next year.

I want a REAL Democrat in Specter's seat. Specter is merely a political whore who will turn to whomever offers him the best deal.

I say light him up and toss him out.

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* Valerie * said...

Agreed - he can run as an independent and join that slimebag Lieberman.