Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sotomayor: OUTSTANDING Choice for the Supreme Court

And Kevin Drum explains why the nomination is a win-win for Obama.

BTW, DKos today has some excellent talking points for destroying the slander the right-wingers will be throwing at this distinguished jurist. Some on the Wingnut Right are saying that Sotomayor is no more qualified than Harriet Miers was. Economaniac on Kos answers:

Sonia Sotomayor is to Harriet Miers as:

Barack Obama : George W. Bush

Princeton summa cum laude : SMU (no honors)

Yale law review : SMU law school(no honors)

Prosecutor for Morgenthau : no criminal law experience

6 years as Federal District Court Judge : No judicial Experience

10 years on 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals : No judicial Experience

adjunct professor NYU School of Law : advisory board SMU law school.

Other right-wing fruitcakes are saying that Sotomayor is reversed too often. DavidNYC has the truth here. It seems Sotomayor is reversed LESS than the typical Appellate Court judge. LESS. In fact, of 380+ opinions Sotomayor has written, the Supreme Court has reviewed ONLY SIX, and reversed ONLY 3 of those. Three out 380!! (The typical appellate court judge has about 75% of his/her reviewed opinions reversed.)

Sonia Sotomayor will be a great Supreme Court justice. Don't let the right-wing Lie Machine get away with smearing her. And remember, Rush Limbaugh hates her.

That's enough of a recommendation for me.

ADDENDUM: Slate has an excellent article on the Sotomayor nomination and all the tired, discredited lies the Republicans are going to use against her here.

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