Monday, May 04, 2009

Pure, Unbridled, Obsessive Hatred

Obsidian Wings has the lowdown on the Oklahoma Republican Party Platform, which is filled with screeching, frothing-at-the-mouth social conservatism in general and white hot hatred for homosexuality and gays in particular. Read about it, but be prepared to be appalled.

Really, these right-wing knuckle-dragging cretins are so obsessed with gay sex you'd almost think that they were worried about waking up buck naked next to their equally buck naked buddy after a night of alcohol fueled sodomy. I mean, wouldn't you say that anyone who thinks about gay sex as much as the Oklahoma right-wingers do is in the throes of a serious homosexual panic? Come out of the closet, boys, and wave your multi-colored Pride flag!

You moronic scum.


Moussie~Missie said...

Your hate filled comments towards the right wingers reek of hypocrisy.
You are becoming them.

Joseph said...

Moussie, I admit that I'm an angry man. But when I see unrestrained hatred being directed at other Americans simply because of their sexual orientation, I get damned mad. The Oklahoma Republican Party is the meanest and ugliest in America, and that takes some doing. And people like that don't respond to nicey-nice. They don't deserve courtesy, and they don't deserve anything but the most scathing, contempt-filled response I can give them. They're talking about sending people to PRISON for being gay! Yes, they want the "anti-sodomy" laws reinstated. These Oklahoma GOP members are filled with hatred, and they get mine in return.

I stand by every word.