Saturday, May 09, 2009

All Out, Hard-Core, Pharmaceutical Grade Lying Right-Wing Idiocy

The pathetic-loser Republicans are trying to make an issue out of the fact that the President has proposed closing Guantanamo Bay and distributing its 250 inmates throughout the U.S. penal system. The radical right has launched an utterly idiotic campaign to try to convince people that Obama "wants to put terrorists in your neighborhood."

My. God. Do these conservative demagogues think that these people are simply going to be released? Is that what they think?? They're going to maximum security prisons that have been holding prisoners without any escapes for years. 

Do these right wing clowns really think that the American people are so stupid that they'll buy this ridiculous effort? I mean apart from the 20% of the American people that still count themselves Republicans.


Anonymous said...

I think that it is funny of people saying that sending the Gitmo prisoners to the US is bad, but our Prison System is a breeding ground for more radical criminals. I think that it will be scary if these Gitmo prisoners convert our inmates to their hatred for the US. Then when our inmates are released they will spew this radical hatred on America.

Joseph said...

"Convert our inmates"? What medication did you skip today?

Mehal said...

Anonymous, following your logic we shouldn't jail KKK members for fear that they will convert other people to their cause while in prison.

That being said, today is your lucky day because I will actually sympathize with you. Your concern isn't entirely invalid though. Radicalization of inmates is a problem and needs to be addressed in the correction system through outreach and integration programs. It will go a long way towards actually rehabilitating inmates.

EduOrgResist said...

The prison system in America is abhorrent, and the KKK and various other white power groups HAVE been successful in converting inmates toward radicalization. The Saudi governments method of rehabilitation for former insurgents has been surprisingly successful and America needs to find a similar solution.

Of course, individuals who have been tortured may not be sympathetic to the efforts of their torturers.