Thursday, May 07, 2009

News Items!!

--The Republicans are already getting ready to oppose ANYBODY President Obama nominates to the Supreme Court! Aren't these people gracious and bipartisan?!?

--One of the President's potential nominees is ALREADY being knifed in the back by anonymous enemies! And of course, NRO has picked it up and run with it!

--A lot of right-wingers are simply demented!! (Make sure you read the comments! Priceless!)

--George Will doesn't know what he's talking about a surprising amount of the time! He said that Toyota can sell the Prius because they take a loss on it! WRONG!! Toyota makes $3,000 for every Prius they sell, and have done so since 2001!  Now, is George an incompetent, or is he simply lying?!?

Why is it that so many of these "patriotic" conservatives hate America with such passion?!? And half of all "patriotic" Texas Republicans want Texas to secede!!  And these are the same people that told me for 8 years that if I didn't kiss George Bush's ass I was traitor!!!

Egad, I love exclamation points!!!

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