Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Scum Also Rises

Hate-filled racist cretins are coming out of the woodwork like crazy since Barack Obama won his decisive victory two weeks ago. The Christian Science Monitor has the story here. Excerpt:

The election of America's first black president has triggered more than 200 hate-related incidents, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center – a record in modern presidential elections. Moreover, the white nationalist movement, bemoaning an election that confirmed voters' comfort with a multiracial demography, expects Mr. Obama's election to be a potent recruiting tool – one that watchdog groups warn could give new impetus to a mostly defanged fringe element.

Most election-related threats have so far been little more than juvenile pranks. But the political marginalization of certain Southern whites, economic distress in rural areas, and a White House occupant who symbolizes a multiethnic United States could combine to produce a backlash against what some have heralded as the dawn of a postracial America. In some parts of the South, there's even talk of secession...

...postelection, at least two white nationalist websites – Stormfront and the Council of Conservative Citizens – report their servers have crashed because of heavy traffic. The League of the South, a secessionist group, says Web hits jumped from 50,000 a month to 300,000 since Nov. 4, and its phones are ringing off the hook

My God, when, when, WHEN are these people ever going to change? When? 

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* Valerie * said...

If they haven't managed to change since 1865, they will not change now, and they will not ever change.

I say, if the south wants to secede, go ahead. See what happens. Didn't go so well for them last time!