Monday, November 17, 2008

The ACTUAL Cost of the Bailouts: $4.3 Trillion

Not the $700 billion figure bandied about by everybody, it seems. CNBC has the goods here:

That's $4,284,500,000,000 and more than what was spent on WW II, if adjusted for inflation, based on our computations from a variety of estimates and sources.

I think it was the World War II comparison that caught my eye.

Ho-lee Crap.

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Anonymous said...

I am surprised to see that this number surprised you. I have been following this since day one. The new question is should GM be bailed out? What is the cost to if it is allowed to fail? Does the government throw money at GM with out having stipulations on how it is going to be used? I am glad your candidate won the election so I can see this new type of "Change" to see if the ship can be righted. I believe that it is going to take another year and a half to two years to correct. The buying of banks was good because in the coming months the government will be able to sell them for a profit. Yes the new administration will take credit for it or if the government does not make money on it the blame will fall on Bush. Can't wait for the Change.