Monday, November 03, 2008

If They're Right..

it means Obama is about to win a blowout victory. If Gallup is accurate here, and the national turnout is about 140 million, that means Obama wins the popular vote by around 15,000,000.

Another national survey finds the Democrats with the widest lead of ANY party in the generic Congressional preference contest since 1964, the year of LBJ's huge victory over Goldwater.

No complacency! No over-confidence! Go vote on Tuesday! Help other Obama voters get to the polls!

Go for the biggest victory we can win.  

America deserves it.


* Valerie * said...

I checked out the polls you suggested, and they were indeed heartening.

Unfortunately, frantic McCain supporters were making nasty comments below the stories. "If you care anything about this country, you MUST vote McCain!" Ughhhhh. I can't wait until tomorrow night!

Ed said...

Joe, you've done all you can to keep us informed and fired up. No complacency now - let's "run up the score" on these guys.