Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No, the Far Right Isn't Going to Settle Down

In fact, they're going to get more demented than ever. Bob Cesca is on the case:

Intellectual violence. While not a new term, it perfectly defines what we're seeing now: accusations and smears that so severely confound logic they literally attack -- violate -- reality and the human intellect. It's like a berkzerker dervish of argumentative elbows and fists indiscriminately flailing around, thwacking anything in its orbit, so much so that constructing a counterpoint is literally painful, "Why the hell am I trying to debunk this?! Ow! My head. Aw hell, I need a drink."

There is also a Facebook group demanding Obama's impeachment. Already. Two months before he becomes president.

Here's to the "Loyal" Opposition. They intend to be even more aggressively stupid, dishonest, vicious, and morally repellent than they were in the 1990s. And that is no small feat.

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