Sunday, November 02, 2008

Ah Yes! Cheney Endorses McSame

I have argued again and again that McCain's election would simply constitute a third term for George Bush and Dick Cheney. I'm glad Cheney agrees:

Cheney has been, by any measure, the worst Vice President in American history, and as deadly a threat to his own country's traditions and security as any leader we have ever had.

It was Cheney who said "Deficits don't matter" while he cheer-led for the policies that have left this nation's economy close to meltdown.

It was Cheney that kept America's energy policy firmly in the hands of the oil industry.

It was Cheney who vigorously sought to use the 9/11 attacks for Republican political advantage.

It was Cheney who, along with Bush, tried to block the 9/11 investigation.

It was Cheney who helped steer lucrative government contracts to his friends and former business associates. Cheney's Halliburton holdings have TRIPLED in value since 2001. He has presided over corruption that borders on fantastic in its scope.

It has been Cheney who has pushed most vigorously for the vast expansion of executive power that has taken place since 2001. He has shown NOTHING but contempt for our nation's constitution.

It was Cheney who was more instrumental than any other person in demanding the Iraq War, and it was Cheney who lied, covered up evidence, and manipulated intelligence to bring it about.

It was Cheney and his "legal" advisers who pushed the hardest for the use of torture against terrorist suspects, undermining a proud American tradition that stretches back to George Washington's time.

It was Cheney's office that deliberately exposed a U.S. CIA operative, doing so strictly to inflict political vengeance, an act that bordered on treason.

It has been Cheney, above all, who has branded anyone who disagreed with his policies as a traitor, a terrorist-sympathizer, and an enemy of America.

It is Dick Cheney who has actually been president for the eight disastrous years we have just been through.

He has manipulated and controlled the empty, narcissistic, morally bankrupt shell of a human named George W. Bush for Cheney's own purposes.

Cheney is so massively unpopular and so widely despised that he hasn't been visible at all in the Republican hate campaign until now. I'm glad he's come out from under his rock. It helps remind people of how much is at stake in this election.

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