Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Great Anti-McCain Email I Saw

I encourage all of you to circulate it as widely as you can. Just cut 'n' paste, baby!

How to Cheat on Your Wife and Profit From It

A lot of people only see John McCain’s fashionable, glamorous blond wife, Cindy.

You know, the one that buys him the $500 shoes and says that you just have
to have a private plane to get around a state the size of Arizona.

They don’t see the woman McCain dumped to marry her.

You know, his first wife, Carol.

The one that waited for him while he was being held captive, the one that
raised their children by herself during that time.

And the one that was severely injured in a terrible car accident in late 1969.

You can read all the sad details here.

Carol was no longer attractive enough for McCain, I guess. Personal loyalty doesn’t seem to be his strong suit. Not long after they were reunited, McCain began running around with other women. In 1979 he met Cindy, carrying on an adulterous affair with her. Cindy was young, beautiful, and part of a family that was super-rich.

I guess Carol didn’t stand a chance. McCain even applied for a marriage license to Cindy while still married to Carol. That’s low. McCain’s friends, including Ronald and Nancy Reagan, were shocked by McCain’s actions.

Once married to Cindy, John McCain was able to use her vast wealth to finance his rise to the top. Guess Carol wouldn’t have been very good at that.

Ross Perot, who paid Carol’s medical bills, put it best:

McCain is the classic opportunist. He’s always reaching for attention and glory,’

‘After he came home, Carol walked with a limp. So he threw her over for a poster girl with big money from Arizona. And the rest is history.

Just thought you should know what kind of “honorable” man McCain really is.

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mesaed said...

In a world that is in a state of chaotic transition, at best, there has never been a statement more precise than this, "the Presidency of the United States of America requires an individual that represents the best and the brightest that this nation has to offer"! However, with the election of George W. Bush for two terms in office, and the incredible current situation in the election polls, I am now terrified! It has become thoroughly and painfully apparent that the inmates are now running the asylum.

It has been my experience that any individual in this country that applies for employment is required to disclose their scholastic history. That person is then, at least partially, judged on the merit of that academic record. As the level of professional, technical and executive complexity and responsibility required to perform the duties of that job increase, so, does the level of required academic achievement to be consider for the job. That absolutely, has to be among the most basic of logical doctrine. However, if you seek the highest office available in this country, a position that puts you in what is currently the most powerful office on this planet, the virtue of that logic appears to have been suspended.

Who are the best and brightest? The record shows clearly, that Barack and Michelle Obama spent their youths in a modest upbringing. They both seem to have focused on the pursuit of a higher education and the achievement of a better life, not only for themselves, but also, for family and community. They both accomplished their goals impressively despite the fact they were swimming against a swift tide of racial intolerance. These accomplishments speak volumes in respect to the character of Michelle and Barack. We all know that, when Michelle and Barack met after college, this entire parable became a "Cinderella Story" sufficient to bring tears to at least one of your eyes. The social challenges overthrown, as well as the academic achievements of not only Barack, but also Michelle Obama is well publicized. Their stories, in my opinion, epitomize the idea of the "American Dream," making them both examples of our nations best and brightest. No further comment required.

In total and absolute contrast to the Obama story, lie the facts of John McCain's scholarly endeavors. These facts would be well hidden if not for the miracle of "THE GOOGLE." It is my understanding that John McCain refuses to release his collegiate records. I can assure you this is not because of his usual pretense of humility. The facts of McCain's academic catastrophe go beyond the point of embarrassment. I believe they actually tip the scale past the point of pitiful. My limited research has resulted in these facts.

John McCain was born into a world of wealth and privilege, the son and grandson of Naval Admirals. I believe his childhood may have occurred before recorded history. Thankfully, we can pick him up at the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis.

It is a renowned fact that admission to any ivy-league school represents a very difficult challenge both academically and financially for the average American student. That being said, it is important to understand that an appointment to the United States Naval Academy requires even greater confirmation of character and aptitude. It is my understanding that the admissions process at the Naval Academy requires a student to supply a nomination from a congressman, senator, or the Vice President. This high-level nomination is required to receive an appointment.

John McCain received his appointment by virtue of his Daddy's position as an U.S. Naval Admiral. It is much easier for connected students to obtain appointments. In John McCain's case, his father was high ranking and connected, which allowed John McCain to receive his appointment without difficulty. The Navy (the American taxpayer) then paid the full tuition cost. Naval Academy students also enjoy active duty benefits and pay, also, at taxpayer expense.

To show his extraordinary gratitude for the spectacular opportunity that had been handed him on a silver platter, John McCain set to work. Unfortunately, McCain's efforts, or lack of, produced little more than sub-animal house results. School records indicate, McCain contrived a reputation for ignoring the rules, disregarding authority, and being a poor example to his fellow classmen. Hey, when all else fails, call yourself a "Maverick" sounds better than "Moron." In addition, the school records indicate that at completion, he ranked near the bottom of his class. Rankings are calculated based on academics and leadership skills. McCain scored inferior in both areas.

According to;, John McCain completed his half-ass effort by ranking #894 in a class of 899. That stellar performance gives him a percentage rating of .66 which places him squarely in the bottom one percent of his class.

We all remember the movie Animal House. In the end, John Belushi's character (John "Bluto" Blutarsky) gets the girl and rides off in a convertible, wearing a pirate suit, to ultimately become a member of Congress. That actually made for great cinematic humor. However, this nation now faces the horrifying possibility of a real life version of Blutarsky being elected PRESIDENT! As if that is not detestable enough, in an astronomically profound demonstration of well-considered vetting and meticulous judgement, "Bluto" has selected "Moose Hunter Barbie" as his running mate. The fact that nearly half the voters in this country are taking this Republican hippodrome seriously represents real life PANIC!

With all do respect for Senator McCain's experiences and service in Vietnam, I believe, John McCain, in the past and present, has revealed to those who see with clear vision, his true character or lack of it. He has been measured and tested. He has come up disastrously short of demonstrating the moral, ethical and most notably the intellectual qualities that embody our nations best and brightest. There is really no way to sugar coat the fact, John McCain is nothing more than an obscenely wealthy politician, wealthy by marriage of course.

I imagine that McCain's supporters will consider this a vicious attack on the Senator. It certainly does not subscribe to their belief that Senator McCain deserves to be immunized against any criticism whatsoever, by virtue of his military service. It also, reflects a reluctance to believe in the Republican dogma, or as I call it "the Palin theorem," that if you repeat a lie enough times it somehow becomes the truth. Even after the lie has been disproved by every journalist in the country.

I believe, this is not a vicious attack. Given the magnitude of the cache of intellectual ammunition that Senator McCain supplies to be used against him almost every time he speaks, I consider this cordial and sympathetic. John McCain and his surrogates have built a campaign on foundations of lies, disrespect, and insults toward the intelligence of American citizens. I submit, there are few things sadder or more pitiful than those of limited intelligence attempting to pretend, attitudinize, and posture. In John McCain's case, there is only .66 percent wiggle room in which his collegiate records could possibly stand in a more stark contrast to these attempts.

So, what's the point? If I may borrow Tom Brokaw's recent poker analogy, this country is "all in" in a global game of Texas hold em. We are bluffing for all we are worth, however, we are drawing to an inside straight. The outcome of the upcoming presidential election represents the River-Card. That card will either fill our hand or it will come up a JOKER and we will lose the farm.

Tie Me Down
Mesa ED
Phoenix, AZ.

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