Friday, August 29, 2008



#1: Palin opposes a woman's right to choose what to do with her own body, opposing the right to an abortion even for rape victims.

#2: Palin believes that Creationism should be taught in public schools, which runs both counter to well-settled evolutionary science, and to the Constitutional separation of church and state.

#3: Palin is a global warming denier, who (as with her views on evolution) has expressed skepticism about the well-settled science.

#4: Palin opposes listing polar bears as an endangered species, because it means oil and gas companies might have to be just a little bit careful out there.

#5: Palin is rabidly dedicated to drilling in the Artic wildlife refuge, known as ANWR.

#6: Palin is in the midst of a growing ethics scandal, involving the alleged abuse of her gubernatorial power to punish a State Trooper who is her sister's ex-husband, firing a State Commissioner who refused to go along.

#7: Palin called Hillary Clinton a "whiner", even as she cynically tries to woo Clinton voters to the McCain ticket.

#8: Palin has very little experience for the Vice Presidential job, serving less than two years so far of her first term as Governor of a state with fewer residents than Fort Worth, Texas. (Previously, she was Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, pop. 8,500.)

#9: Palin has no foreign policy experience at all, so little in fact that her supporters are reduced to citing Alaska's proximity to Russia.

#10: Palin is virtually untested, unvetted and unknown to Americans, a fact which throws into relief the hypocrisy of the many unfair criticisms leveled at Barack Obama during this campaign.

BONUS REASON, #11: Palin only recently said that she doesn't even know what the job entails, saying on the CNBC show Kudlow and Co. that:

"[A]s for that V.P. talk all the time, I’ll tell you, I still can’t answer that question until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the V.P. does every day?" (July 2008)


[Courtesy of Hudson at DKos]


Zach said...

im not sure her "not being qualified" for VP is an issue because her job basically entails next to nothing. Unless of course McCain dies, and since he's nearing 80 that could happen. As for her not knowing what the job entails, there is no way that wasn't a joke. If it wasn't Palin shouldn't anywhere near politics.

* Valerie * said...

Palin shouldn't be anywhere near politics regardless of whether she was joking or not. I am completely and thoroughly disgusted by this whole business. I joked about fleeing the country in 2004, but if this duo gets elected over Obama and Biden, I truly will lose all faith in American politics and take up that English teaching job abroad.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Valerie. Stand by what you say. Too bad you didn't leave the country four years ago. Just like a lot of blow hards of the Democratic Party you don't stand with the words that you speak.

Joseph said...

Ah, the gutless coward "anonymous" strikes again. Why not give us your name, you two-bit clown?

Zach said...

i'm not liking this anonymous character one bit. an intelligent argument wouldn't contain such crass and degrading words.

Anonymous said...

I found this post from your diary on DKos. While I'll admit that you make a compelling case for negative emails, I was shocked to see your header quoting Obama next to the official campaign logo.

When I think about the low-information voters that I know it concerns me that if one of them received one of your emails and traced it back to your blog they might easily confuse it for an official campaign outlet. For example, your blog scores the top two returns when I google "anti-mccain email".

Please be aware that many people are not as web savvy as yourself.

Many more people will turn to the web for election news this year. Many of them are not familiar with the web and will only notice the similarities between your site and the official campaign site. That may well be enough to turn people away from the candidate your are spuriously trying to support.