Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Situation We Face

As a history teacher and a student of history myself I continue to be amazed at the sheer ugliness, incompetence, and mendacity of the Bush Administration and the viciousness of its howling, utterly dishonest supporters in the mass media. The Bush regime is the culmination of many trends that have been building over the last several decades. It is the logical outcome of the unpunished criminality of the Bush family, the increasing effectiveness of rightwing "think tanks" in poisoning and confusing the public dialogue, the ineffectiveness of the Democrats in fighting against the lies thrown repeatedly in their faces, the increasing political clout of corporate interests, and the rise of apocalyptic and millenarian trends in fundamentalist Christianity. This witches' brew of influences has come together to threaten the very fabric and health of our nation, and its visible embodiments are George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Tom DeLay, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Bill Frist.

Now, we see the lengths to which Bush is prepared to go to prosecute the war against the terrorists. He has seen fit to let the National Security Agency tap phones without a warrant, even though a special court exists to issue such warrants, and can even issue them retroactively. Further, the NSA has been tapping domestic phone calls, a practice completely contrary to its mission. We are faced with further evidence, therefore, of Bush's image of himself: a power answerable to no one and restrained by nothing. Think for a moment, of what Bush and his cohorts have done with their power:
  1. They have made the nation's energy policy in secret and fought against the public's right to know the details of how that policy was made.
  2. They have bent the nation's economic and fiscal policies to the benefit of their political supporters and contributors in return for a multitude of favors. They have bitterly fought all efforts to expose this organized thievery and looting.
  3. They have set up secret prisons and prison camps.
  4. They have asserted the right to inflict torture on our suspected enemies.
  5. They have turned over terrorist suspects to nations they know will inflict hideous and savage tortures on those suspects.
  6. They have purposely lied about the circumstances and evidence leading to a war in Iraq.
  7. They have betrayed the identity of a CIA agent for political purposes.
  8. They have attempted to coerce, co-opt, buy off, or lie to the media.
  9. They have shouted that anyone who questions or opposes them is a traitor.
  10. They have effectively suspended habeas corpus rights for terrorist suspects, even if the suspects are American citizens.
  11. They have used the FBI to spy on those who dare to question them.
  12. And now, they have deliberately violated the law in regard to wiretapping.
Our very future as a free nation is at stake. Our best option: win control of the Congress in 2006, and if public opinion will support us on this (and increasingly it looks as if it will) we must launch the processes in the House of Representatives that will lead to the impeachment of Bush and Cheney and their trial and conviction in the United States Senate. No future president must believe for a single second that the the American people will tolerate the arrogant and unbridled exercise of power. So I say,
The future of America depends on it.


The Commie said...

Impeachment is just a reasonable an option as it was for Tricky Dick or the hands on approach of William Jefferson C. Only in this case it has involved the lives, livlihood, and trust of our entire nation. I will always back you Joe when it comes to the unspeakable atrocities that are committed daily by the current administration and unfortunately, the atrocities committed throughout history in the name of the just, in the name of God, or in the name of some other misguided justification. As you do, I wish for a day when the negative characteristics of humanity would no longer be rewarded with praise, riches, and free and easy lifestyle and other such things that are excluded from the majority of decent, honest, and worthy people in this nation. Unfortunately, that day seems to be getting further and further off.
When Bush first stole the election and was awarded office, I thought that perhaps the obvious ineptity of this man and his appointees would be enough to convince the population that reactionary, right-wing, paranoid, ignorant, and hypocritical dogma is not the direction that this nation wants to go in. Unfortunately, I believe I was mistaken. I don't see the change or the wake-up call I believed or ,more accurately, hoped would make Ameican realize they are being hoodwinked. Well, who knows what it will actually take.
I am beginning to think that it will take a catastrophic collapse of our current socio-economic and/or political system to truly wake people up to the naturally accepted atrocities that we allow to take place with little outrage each and every day. I keep hope that we can right the ship and it takes time, but with each year I become more and more dispondent and more and more cynical as we are embroiled in greater and greater tragedies. My hope is for a new year and a bright future, but as a brilliant poet once wrote, "The best laid plans of mice and men..."

I started a blog myself Joe, and I have been checking on yours now and again and I think I will become a regular contributor, if you don't mind a voice from your past showing up now and again. I miss our conversations from all those years ago. Thanks for keeping your voice out there to be heard and found again.

Jonathan Koepke
I thought that your wedding gift was one of the most meaningful I received. I don't think I ever told you that personally, and I should have.

Joseph said...

Jon--I would LOVE for you to be regular contributor. Send me a link to your blog(if it's not in your sig line) and I'll put you on the Blogroll.

The Commie said...

Joe- Here's my blog

It's in its infancy and may not have the same hard hitting content that yours does, but feel free to contribute and check in whenever you want. The Commie monicker has come about from my friends in college. I was the only one who actively read Marx and would bring up Marxist arguments in discussions, so the tag that I was The Commie started. My how some things just stick. Anyways, hope things are well by you. Feel free to e-mail me at whenever you want. Take care, have a good Holiday Season.