Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The "Morality" of the Modern Conservatives

They defend the right of the United States to torture other humans, or transport those humans to jurisdictions where they will be tortured.

They defend the lies that plunged this country into a war that has so far killed more than 30,000 people.

They fight against federal aid to the poor while taking bribes from the rich and powerful.

They are systematically bankrupting the United States governnment, leaving our children and grandchildren with a crippling burden of debt.

They steal from the poor and lower middle class to fund tax cuts for the richest and most powerful.

They slander anyone who disagrees with them as a traitor and a supporter of terrorism.

They wage political campaigns crammed with enough lies and distortions to astonish a veteran Soviet propagandist.

They cheer for perverted fascist lunatics like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly.

They cheat and steal to win elections and suppress voting.

They support a culture of corruption in Washington that would make the 19th century robber barons proud.

They encourage the most savage bigotry against gays.

They demand the right to interfere in the most intimate decisions of human life, from birth control to the right to die. (Witness the Schiavo fiasco.)

They demand that America be converted into a theocracy, while distorting Jesus' message out of all recognition.

They want to dismantle the public school system, crush labor, and export jobs.

They insist that the insane "War on Drugs" be escalated.

Their leaders regularly engage in the most sordid and depraved sexual escapades, while hypocritically presenting themselves as paragons of righteousness.

They defend the history of conservatism in America, which was on the wrong side of every single moral issue in the history of our country. Conservatives demanded the inclusion of slavery in the new nation, fought against its abolition, supported the Confederacy, and then supported Jim Crow laws after the Civil War. Conservatives fought tooth and nail against civil rights. Conservatives fought against unions, the right to vote for women, and equal rights for all female citizens. Conservatives tried to undermine FDR in his efforts to stop our nation's enemies in the '30s. Conservatives fought against Social Security, environmental protections, workplace safety rules, and the minimum wage. In every instance they have fought against the interests and well being of ordinary Americans. They have, historically, appealed to racial hatred, anti-Semitism, and sex discrimination. They have waged relentless class warfare for decades, while falsely accusing the Democrats of it. In short, modern conservatism is the most depraved, morally bankrupt philosophy in American history.

And these people insist that it is they who should govern because they are "better people" than we.

I don't know whether to laugh or puke.

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