Saturday, December 10, 2005

MASSIVE SCANDAL: Phony Front Company Channeling Millions Into Republican Campaigns

In what promises to be an explosive scandal, evidence is piling up that the Duke Cunnigham kickback affair may just be the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Evidently, a phony defense firm was set up to take Department of Defense money, launder it, and channel it into Republican campaigns. The amounts are huge: some $700,000,000 was siphoned from the DOD. Then, small discrete little chunks of money were thrown in various directions, nothing that would attract attention. The details are in this eye-opening post on DKos here.

And to those tempted to say that the corruption is bipartisan, I say: bullshit. Look at the list of beneficiaries of this scam:

So which candidates got chunks of that taxpayer money earmarked for "defense"?

Henry Bonilla, Roy Brown, Rick Clayburgh, Duke Cunningham (of course!), John T. Doolittle, Maria Guadalupe Garcia, George W. Gekas, Lindsay Graham, Duncan Hunter, Darrell Issa, Samuel Johnson, Thaddeus G. McCotter, Constance Morella, Devin Nune, Steve Pearce, Bill Van de Weghe Jr., Jerry Weller.
[Emphasis added by the Rampant J. Miller]

All Republicans, of course. As the scandal unfolds, the pundits will try to convince us that "both sides do it." That simply is not true.

The donations amounted only to $5000 or so. But ADCS Pac was hardly the only mechanism by which Wilkes could distribute the Christmas candy. Remember, Perfect Wave Technologies, Pure Aqua Technologies, Group W. Advisors and other "subsidiaries" were also used as funding mechanisms.

By keeping the donations small, and by maintaining the illusion that the donors are numerous, the conspirators could line many a pocket with relative safety. Clever, eh?

Other recipients of Wilkes' largesse: President Bush, Katherine Harris, Tom Delay, Virgil Goode Jr. and Elizabeth Dole...

G-d dammit, when are these bastards going to be made to pay? PLEASE forward this story to ANYBODY and EVERYBODY on your mailing list. It matters. It's another instance of the obscene corruption the Republicans have gotten away with for far too long. I need your help--send out the word.

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