Friday, December 30, 2005

General Clark Lays It Out Straight

This video is a small masterpiece: General Wesley Clark explaining, on Fox News no less, why the Iraq War was a grave mistake. He effortlessly parries all the thrusts of the Fox News analyst and makes it clear that our invasion was a disastrous choice to make.

Sigh. I'll admit it again: I was a War Democrat. My hatred of Saddam blinded me. I was convinced a progressive case for war existed. I was wrong. I was a fool to think that this Administration would do anything but screw up. Clark was right.

He'd make a fine president, don't you think?


Anja Maria said...

I was really impressed by what I saw of him in the '04 primaries, before he withdrew. He seemed very intelligent and composed, as he is in this video.

Pablo said...

Makes me proud to have sent money his way. To think we could have had a great mind like his leading the country, rather than what we have now. Let's hope we see more of General Clark in the future.